Give your discarded glass new purpose!
Well, it's been a long year packed with all sorts of adventures, but it's time to re-open shop for some more bottle cutting runs, just in time for the holidays!  Woohoo!!!

Earlier this year, I spent the greater part of my time helping to plan an amazing wedding with my amazing fiance, which budded into a beautiful outdoor June wedding.  Since then, my wife and I have enjoyed our initial honeymoon period, completed an epic home makeover task list, and now we're finally slowing down while simultaneously gearing up for hobby mode once again.  What an amazing year it has been!  (I love you so much, Brittany!)

As such, get ready to see a full plethora of products on our Etsy store following this weekend's first production runs after I fire up the grinders one more time!  I also have a new HD camera that I'll attempt to use for making some video how-to's plus some featured product videos once I get a good stock of inventory again.  Until then, I'll share with you an amazing photo of our amazing wedding several months ago, shot by Cara Pagan of Simplicity By Cara:


Brittany (the wife)
10/17/2012 11:07pm

I love you too husbands! Very excited for you to get started with this again! :)

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