Give your discarded glass new purpose!



So I'm excited that we were able to take on our first custom 10-piece order from for a very special occasion all the way up in the New York area.  (Details omitted to avoid ruining a special surprise for said client's intendee, so *shhh*).  Anyway, I hope to be able to post a photo or two of the outcome of the bottle arrangement we shipped recently for this particular client, because she was great to work with and I'm sure her new Castaway Bottles are going to look just wonderful at this particular event!  More on that later.

Meanwhile, I thought I'd post a photo of our product packaging that we've developed a knack for over the last year.  It's 100% biodegradable, inexpensive, strong, "minimalist," and even sports a hand-made hang tag all at the same time.  This 100% recycled cardboard wrap safely shields our finished glass products inside, suspended between two "endcaps" of 100% recycled paper wadding, all sealed with a natural strand of sisal twine on the outside to keep it closed securely.  Not only does it do a wonderful job of projecting the glass, but it makes for a terrific, eco-friendly gift wrap as well!