Give your discarded glass new purpose!
Drink Topless
So... I'm a Photoshop Guy.  Always have been.  After my recent photo shoot with these bottles that I've been cutting, I couldn't help but "see" in my mind an advertisement of what just might have the propensity for a good chuckle or two.  (Might need a little tweaking yet.)

Controversial? Offensive? Ah... you know you're smiling on the inside.

Bacardi Bottlers, I hope this finds you in good humor.  :)

Well, a couple of weeks have passed, and I now have even more bottles to cut than I did before!  One might say it's too much of a good thing, but I say BRING IT ON!  :)

A few things that have improved are my cutting, grinding, deburring, and honing methods such that the original labels can be preserved in-tact on the original bottles without harm.  However, I have found that despite my efforts to preserve a bottle's label, there always seems to be some sort of a wine stain on the surface or maybe some wear on the edges due to shipping and handling.  It would be wonderful to have fresh labels on hand to replace the damaged ones, but, would defeat the purpose of this "green" endeavor, no?

Also, I am quite happy to report my "macro" photo studio is finally set up and complete to begin taking some good shots of these bottles for posting online.  Be on the lookout for more photo updates to come of my latest bottle chops!

First Post!


Welcome to our launchpage!  We just got here, ourselves.  :)  And, don't worry, I know it looks like an abandoned website at the moment, but it's about to get so much better over the next several days... or weeks... (near future)... 

So... hang tight!  In the meantime, why don't you pop the cork on a nice bottle of wine, have a sip or two, and be sure to ship us the bottle when you're done with it so it can be upcycled at Castaway Bottles into something beautiful!.